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Clyde’s Restaurant Group just opened a behemoth of a restaurant downtown on 14th. The Hamilton is a two-story, 35,000-square-foot restaurant serving breakfast lunch and dinner and get this…IT’S OPEN 24 HOURS 7 DAYS A WEEK!! I have a feeling things are going to get awesomely weird over at The Hamilton…and I like it.

The Hamilton took over the space that once housed Borders bookstore and now is one of the city’s largest dining options! The space also includes a 15,000-square-foot nightclub on the lower level with a concert capacity of 350 people! (Tonight, Dec 23, the Junkyard Saints play at 9pm and you can buy tickets for $15!). The Live Menu is available before and during performances and is your typical pizza, sliders and sushi, because sometimes you want a spicy tuna roll with a side of BBQ sliders, am I right? 

Executive Chef Brian Stickels has really gone a bit rouge with this one, but I kiiinda like it. The main menu will include breakfast, lunch and dinner and an after midnight menu as well. That is INTENSE. I feel like having this restaurant in DC brings us one step closer to becoming a city like Vegas…Look forward to a review in the near future!

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